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State-of-the-art Instruction, Hands-on Experience, and Exposure to Key Business Concepts

The MRSD program distinguishes itself from other degree programs by combining state-of-the-art instruction in the science and technology of robotics, hands-on implementation experience, exposure to key business concepts and practices essential to high-technology product development company operations, and the opportunity to complete an internship with a recognized robotics company. The program curriculum consists of 180 units and is designed to be completed full-time in 21 consecutive months. It includes four semesters of full-time courses at Carnegie Mellon University, and an optional 12-week summer internship with an affiliated industrial partner in the field of robotics. In addition to learning about the latest robot technologies, students will also be challenged to apply and refine innovative thinking and problem-solving techniques in a team-oriented setting.

Critical Skills

MRSD strives to teach the critical skills that technology companies value in their employees. Upon completing the program, students should have an understanding of innovative product development, team management, production-readiness, marketing, sales & support as well as strategic technology planning, budgeting, and overall leadership. Graduates of MRSD are expected to have high-level technical and managerial competence, making them extremely desirable candidates for employment. Graduates will have the skills to operate at a higher technical/managerial level within a company from the start, drastically reducing the on-the-job training that companies typically invest into an employee.

Further Information

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