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The companies listed below have expressed an interest in interviewing MRSD students for summer internships. Students are responsible for negotiating terms of employment with the internship company. International students are must work directly with the Office of International Education (OIE) to obtain the necessary work permissions for summer internship. The MRSD program does not guarantee an internship for each student; however, we do work to facilitate the matching process. Students typically start interviewing for summer internships during the first semester (fall), though many do not secure positions until the spring. Students are free to suggest internships with alternate companies, including foreign subsidiaries, but they will require authorization from the MRSD Program Office to ensure proper scope and relevance.

Students choosing to complete a MRSD-relevant summer internship will be registered for 3 units of 16-991 “Internship”. The 3 units are counted towards the Technical Elective requirement and will factor into the 162-unit total required for graduation (thus allowing students who complete an internship the flexibility to take a 9-unit Technical Elective). Internships are expected to fall within the summer term as outlined by the University Academic Calendar. Interns are required to submit a final end-of-internship report documenting the work that they carried out as part of their internship. The MRSD Program Director will review the reports and assign a Pass/Fail grade at the end of the summer term.