Jan 10, 2018

Master of Science in Robotic Systems Development Fund

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MRSD Students are a hard-working and diverse group who devote a great deal of time and energy to their studies. A new fund has been established to allow donations to directly benefit current students, in the form of conference attendance/travel, lab improvements, equipment updates, and special events for the program. Provide a Gift to MRSD

Jun 15, 2017

2013 MRSD alumnus Mingche Su has co-founded BitTiger

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2013 MRSD alumnus Mingche Su has co-founded BitTiger, an online learning platform that provides quick, effective, and affordable training in practical skills that prepare students to be as productive as possible in their current and future jobs.

May 24, 2017

2013 MRSD graduate Kartik Tiwari has co-founded Starsky Robotics, a self-driving truck start-up

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Starsky Robotics CEO and co-founder Stefan Seltz-Axmacher wants to solve the primary logistical challenge for the trucking industry by taking drivers off the road and putting them in an office. Starsky Robotics is a self-driving truck startup. But its business model and approach is unlike other self-driving truck companies like Embark and Otto that have [...]

Jul 5, 2016

MRSD team was selected for the finals in the Amazon Picking Challenge

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An MRSD team was selected for the finals in the Amazon Picking Challenge in Leipzig, Germany and and came in 7th out of 16. The 2016 Amazon Picking Challenge (the “Challenge”) is a skill Challenge sponsored by Amazon Robotics LLC (the “Sponsor”) aimed to strengthen the ties between the industrial and academic robotic communities and [...]