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When asked about the MRSD program, recent graduates responded:

I see applications for most, if not all, of the system engineering concepts learned during my Master’s on a daily basis. I cannot accentuate enough the importance/value of skills that I developed as part of the MRSD course.
– A. Goudar

I have to draft budget requirements, scope, and personnel now. I’m seriously glad I took those business classes at CMU; I didn’t expect them to be so useful until right now.
– S. Ansari

[In my current job] I actually feel like I’m repeating [the] MRSD project with a different robot and a different team.  So kudos to the project course being realistic!
– S. Blass

[The] systems engineering course and business seminar are proving to be worth their weight in gold. If you wanted to send next year’s resume book to our internship coordinator, I think you’d find her quite receptive. Let me know when that time of year comes around.
– N. Chapman

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome [of my job search]. The day I was accepted into MRSD, my life changed. I wouldn’t be where I am without the hard work of this program and the people in it. I’m twice the engineer I was when I started this program.
– C. Gulino

First off, I’m having a better time than I could possibly have wished for. The work is amazing and my co-workers are unbelievably helpful and humble to a fault. I must say the timing for my internship was pretty perfect – the company just started a very ambitious five-year project and I’m playing an active role in shaping the design of this project.
My primary project involves designing a state-of-the-art state estimator; as part of this I have an opportunity to apply almost everything I did as part of my MRSD project and a large chunk of Robot Autonomy (and to some extent Manipulation/Mobility/Control). In the secondary (five-year) project I’m working on, we’re going through almost exactly the same motions I did as part of the system design phase of our MRSD project, but on a billion dollar scale. To be frank, it seems the people here didn’t really expect me to know this process, let alone contribute to its success!
– R. Sant

Thanks for an amazing education! If there’s ever anything I can do for you or the program, please let me know.
-A. Sher

I earned an internship at Microsoft as a Program Manager. I would really like to thank you, as this is a result of all the topics that were covered in the Systems Engineering class. Most of the questions that I was asked were based on concepts that MRSD taught me. The people at Microsoft said they were quite impressed by my consumer-based approach to every problem, which I believe is one of the key things that that class and the Business Seminar taught me.
-A. Sharma

Everything that I learned in MRSD is super useful these days, and I could not thank you enough.
-N. Soni

“[The interviewer was] really impressed with the breadth of my knowledge in controls, planning, and perception. I wouldn’t have been able to develop all these skills without MRSD… Thank you.”
-R. Thakker